Some Great Ideas For Quick Tactics For Lucky Number

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Practical Guidance On Picking Core Elements In [astrology]

The Basics To Consider For Selecting Elements For

Horoscope + Tarot Forecast For 9/15/2018 For Your Astrology Zodiac Sign | YourTango

The term Sabbath would probably perk the ears of a Sagittarius Moon because it is a term related to the 9th house which encompasses traits of the Archer’s personality. The Sabbath, in religious terms, is a day of rest. It’s a day to allow your body to recenter itself. It’s a time to withhold from work that drains your mind. It’s a period of 24 hours where you let go and let God.  The Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius. (Personally, I feel such a relief!) The Moon in Sagittarius brings our mental focus to adventure, fun, play, and whatever it is your heart desires. You need a break this weekend and if you are able to go out and do something completely different than you’ve ever done, your mind will thank you. It’s the right time to seek personal oneness. When you feel at peace with yourself, the whole world seems more manageable, doesn’t it? Sagittarius is just as much of a ‘thinking sign’ but it processes information in a different way than Virgo. Where Virgo uses the mind, Sagittarius asks you to be hands on. It’s a wonderful time to get your hands earthy and dirty.

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